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Simi Valley

Los Angeles

Ventura County

Santa Clarita

San Fernando Valley

What we do

We provide Junk Removal Service to our local communities. We will remove your Junk / Garbage such as Mattresses , Sofas, Tires, Pianos, Treadmills, Tables, Appliances, and more

Working Together

 Together we can keep our local neighborhoods clean by avoiding illegal dumping. We can help remove any construction debris when you decide to renovate your home.

Why Choose Us?

Our 20 feet trailer is the largest trailer available and our pricing is very competitive. We want to get rid of your junk in one trip. We make our junk removal painless.

Trusted Professionals

As a small business owner and family man, we are here to help our local neighbors and community stay clean.

Dump N Haul Junk Removal in Simi Valley

Let’s Start Your Next Project

While you are working on your home project, we take care of the trash.